Nachrichten / News

Ja, is heute nicht lustig. Hab Nachrichten gesehen…

Vor ein paar Wochen/Monaten habe ich auch das erste Mal den allerersten Terminator gesehen. Ist unter dem ganzen Schwarzenegger-Kult, der daraus entstand, wirklich sehenswert. Und genauso Teil zwei. Und, im Gegensatz zu den Nachrichten, Fiktion. Hoffentlich.

Nächste Woche vielleicht endlich der Paketbote.



[Newsintro] The situation in the nuclear power plant of Fokushima is still deterioating. – Near to 73.000 buildings are destroyed. Everything is lacking, especially food, drinking water and petrol. In the region of Miyagi, where the epi center was, hope is dwindling to find the 10.000 missing people alive. Devastated sits this… – By now, about half a million people are said to live in emergency accomondations. Sometimes there are tears of joy in between all the sorrow. A mother and daughter meet again after the tsunami has torn them apart. But these moments are rare here these days. – In Lybia, Gaddafi supporting troops are approaching the rebel strongholds. Today the city of Adschadabija was attacked by air raid. At least one person is supposed to be killed. +++ Saudi Arabia sent about 1000 soldiers to Bahrain… – Tonight maybe not “Terminator”? How about “the little mole”? And a pot of hot punsh?


Yes, not funny. I watched the news…

Some weeks/months ago I saw the first part of Terminator for the very first time. Under all that Schwarzenegger-Cult, it is worth watching. As well as part two. And, in contrast to the news, fictional. Hopefully.

Next week maybe the delivery man at last.


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