Osterspecial Teil 1 / Easter Special Part 1

Vierteiliger Ostercomic von 2004! Da hatte ich noch Zeit! Die nächsten Teile folgen die kommenden Tage… Teil 2

Title: Whats the difference between an Easterrabbit and an Easterlamb?
1: At Easter, an Easterbunny hides eggs to be found by people.
2: An Easterlamb hides itself and hopes NOT TO BE FOUND at all. (Lenten period is gone! Meat again at last!)
3: Now there’s the question: Why don’t we have rabbit for Easter lunch?(And who is going to hide the eggs? Mom and Dad?)
4: The sheep understood that statement well. And so… (Big Bunny: What do you mean by you prefer becoming an actor anyway?) (Little Bunny: …to be or not to be…) (Sheep: Excuse me, Mr. Bunny?)
5: (Sheep: Are you taking trainees?)

Easter special in four parts from 2004! I had time for this back then! The other parts will follow in the upcoming days… Part 2


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