Osterspecial Teil 2 / Easter Special Part 2

Teil 3


1: After some difficulties everyone settled on an agreement… (Bunny: Alright: Employment as trainee. During the training there won’t be any salaries. Broken materials must be paid for by the trainee. Lowest working hours are 45 per week. No vacations during main season. No guarantee to be employed afterwards, no protection against dismissal. Sign here!)

2: In the first training phase there was a tremendous discovery: Sheep aren’t just creative, they are invidualists! (Chemical Sheep: But he is allowed to spray his revoulutionary messages …)

3: (Bunny: You see? That’s how you should do it!) (Sheep: It’s so stupid!)

4: (Blackboard: Chickenish Imperative: ”buäck…” – Down with the laying battery! Homework: Revise vocab 33-37) (Bunny: And what’s ”buääk?”) (Sheep: 2. person. singular futur conjunctive passive) (Chemical Sheep: Smartass!) (Punk: Would’ve known that, too…) (Tired Sheep: When’s the break at last?)

Part 3


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