Osterspecial Teil 4 / Easter Special Part 4

So, der letzte Teil… zurück zu Teil 1?


Here’s the last part… Back to part 1?

1: Finally the day came: (Bunny: And remember: Hide them WELL!) (Sheep: Sure!) (Sheep: If I’ll disguise them as Santa Clauses no one will ever find them!)

2: The children didn’t recognised any difference. (Girl: I didn’t get the camera- and game-console mobile AGAIN! Just chocolate! I’ll write a complaint letter!) (Boy: I like chocolate…)

3: The adults didn’t always appreciated the change: (Man: A Sheep hiding Easter Eggs! That’s nearly as bad as a woman becoming a priest!) (Sheep: Sexistic Asshole!)

4: But the sheep had a nice holiday after work was done… (Chemical Sheep: But what most people don’t know: Water with vinegar was a refreshing drink at that time.) (Sheep: For sure – they won’t look in the fridge…) (Sheep: Hope…)


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